Sunday, March 9, 2014



Zoom and Enhance!

               Hey Everyone - the time is nigh for the 3D Printer World Expo Recap! I had a really great time demo-ing for Pixologic. I learned so much about 3D printing and preparing your sculpts for print. It's pretty clear that one day everyone will have a 3D printer on their desk and awe inspiring to see to see this technology make it's way into the mass market.

Pixologic got quite a bit of great footage. Check out both of my Demo's and the Sculpt off competition. 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Lovecraft Syndrome

Managed to have a productive weekend. I'll post the model later on. I would Love to get a print of this gal

Gnomon Classes begin April 9th!!!

Gnomon Classes begin on April 9th! Registration is happening now! 

Ninja Edit: I would like to clarify that the above image is not mine, Gnomon used it for the website at their discretion. This image is the work of another artist and does not represent the designs I did for the film.