Sunday, June 30, 2013

Changing it up a bit.

Last Night's Sketch

I'v decided to change up the format of my blog a bit, before I was mainly focused on showing only finished pieces here. I wanted to keep it as clean as possible. But I find that with too many long term projects you can get bogged down in the details, losing some of the joy of the creative process. So I've decided to show sketches and pieces, some from abandoned projects, and others would be quick sketches like the ones above. Hopefully I can describe my process a little bit and start to explain where my head is creatively at. This was all done in Zbrush, a one pass BPR using the BPR filters and minimal comp in Photoshop. 


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  2. Me alegro de su decisiĆ³n, poder ver una ejecuciĆ³n tridimensional como esa es una suerte.
    Un placer ver su trabajo.